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Community Planning

Community Planning asseses long-term Jewish community needs, identifies priorities and develops action plans. The Jewish Federation of Winnipeg undertakes planning on behalf of the community and invites you to join the conversation.

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The Community Planning Committee of the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg is seeking volunteers at this time to establish subcommittees in two priority areas: Strengthen Community Caring and Improve Infrastructure and Community Capacity


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Thank you for joining the Conversation!

The Community Planning Committee has been talking to individuals and small groups for several months as they gather perspectives on the needs of the Jewish community into the future. Almost 400 people joined the conversation!

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Appendix 1 | Framing the Agenda for Action Planning

Appendix 2 A | Your Voice Counts

Appendix 2 B | Community Conversations

Appendix 2 C | Planning Day

Appendix 2 D | Specific Results