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Jewish Life in Winnipeg


Everything you need to know about Jewish living in Winnipeg!

There is no other community of our size with the range of options and service we have.


Winnipeg has many options for local kosher food, (link to page 30, 31, 32 of the Making connections brochure), and kosher products are widely available at national grocery chains around the city, including Superstore, Sobeys and Price Chopper.


Western Kosher in partnership with the Orthodox Union (OU) and the Vaad HaKashrut (VKW) of Winnipeg supervise local kosher bakeries, restaurants and caterers. Rabbi Gabe Brojges and Richard Stokoloff administers the OU. Rabbi Ari Ellis administers VKW. Each synagogue administers is own kashrut.



Observance of Shabbat is among the most basic religious institutions that make up the foundation of our Jewish way of life. More than almost anything else, Shabbat plays a vital role in the continuity of Jewish tradition. Our community Eruv was originally built in 1984 under the guidance of Rabbi Gabriel Zinner to enable carrying on Shabbat.



Immersion in a ritual bath, or mikvah, is a requirement for spiritual purification, taharat ha-mishpacha, tevilat kelim and conversion. 


Winnipeg’s community mikvah is located at the Asper Campus and operated under the halachik guidance of Winnipeg’s Council of Rabbis. Contact your rabbi or 204-477-7445 to make an appointment.


The Chabad mikvah is operated at the Jewish Learning Centre by a group of volunteer women. Contact to make an appointment.


Winnipeg boasts 11 congregations offering services across the spectrum of religious movements and affiliations. Click here for a comprehensive listing of synagogues in Winnipeg and Winnipeg Beach.


Our community is served by the following rabbis. Please contact any of them for any religious or spiritual needs or questions.


Rabbi Avrohom Altein is the rabbi at the House of Ashkenazie.
Rabbi Ari Ellis is the rabbi at Herzlia-Adas Yeshurun.
Rabbi Alan Green is the rabbi at Shaarey Zedek Synagogue.
Rabbi Larry Lander is the rabbi at Congregation Etz Chayim.
Rabbi Karen Soria is the rabbi at Temple Shalom.
The Shul @ Chabad and Chabad Lubavitch rabbis: 
Rabbi Avrohom Altein  
Rabbi Shmuly Altein  
Rabbi Boruch Heidingsfeld 
Rabbi Yacov Simmonds


Rabbi Yitzchok Charytan, Jewish community chaplain, will help connect a patient with community resources and, at the request of the patient, can ensure that the patient's own congregation is notified of his or her hospitalization. He will also inform hospital or institutional staff about Jewish dietary and religious needs and about Jewish holidays.


Rabbi Moishe Smierc is the mashgiach in the Simkin Centre’s kosher kitchen.


Brit Milah, Baby Naming, Conversion


Contact any of the community rabbis for assistance in finding a mohel to perform a brit milah. 


Baby naming ceremonies may be coordinated with any of the congregational rabbis. 


Conversion to Judaism should be discussed with the congregational rabbi of your choice.



Bar and Bat Mitzvah


Contact any of the community rabbis or synagogue of your choice for information on bar and bat mitzvah classes and ceremonies.



Contact any of the community rabbis or synagogue of your choice for information on marriage rituals and wedding ceremonies.



Contact the rabbi of the congregation of your choice for assistance at this difficult time.


Rabbi Charytan provides spiritual support to individuals in health care facilities, while residents and families at The Simkin Centre may seek spiritual support from the Centre's Spiritual Care Program.


The Chesed Shel Emes is the community burial society. Staff is on call 24/7 to provide assistance at time of need: 204-582-5088.


Funeral services are conducted by the clergy of all congregations at the following cemeteries administered by three congregations:
Bnay Abraham Cemetery – contact Congregation Etz Chayim at 204-589-6305
Hebrew Sick Benefit Association Cemetery - contact Congregation Etz Chayim at 204-589-6305
Rosh Pina Memorial Park – contact Congregation Etz Chayim at 204-589-6305
Shaarey Zedek Cemetery – contact Congregation Shaarey Zedek at 204-975-3484
Beit Chayim Mikdash Shalom – contact Temple Shalom at 204-453-1625